D.O. Ribera del Duero
The Valiente comes from two vineyards located in Gumiel de Mercado and Baños de Valdearados (Burgos) and with an age of the vineyard between 30 and 50 years. Both plots have the particularity of having a deep clay soil that allows to maintain moisture in the soil, even in dry periods. In addition, the farms are oriented to the northwest and at an altitude of 850 to 900 meters of altitude, which allows to obtain an elegant wine, with freshness and acidity, medium concentration and very fruity.
The harvest is done manually, making a thorough selection of bunches in the field, before transporting them to the winery. In that selection, any cluster that presents immature grapes or with signs of overripe is discarded. Once in the cellar, the grape is unloaded and destemmed in its entirety, carrying out fermentation in small stainless steel tanks, and concrete, in order to control alcoholic fermentation and wine extraction. The philosophy is the same as that used in the elaboration of his older brothers Valdaya and Mirum: a slow and smooth infusion during alcoholic fermentation, to obtain a smooth and textured wine. To do this, we taste daily so that the extraction is optimal, adapting day by day to sensation that the wine gives us in the mouth. Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the wine is taken to a 500 liter barrel of fine grade French oak and light toast, where it will carry out the malolactic fermentation. El Valiente is a wine that, like its older brothers, has no addition other than sulphites. We want to preserve our elaboration concept, as natural as possible, without the addition of acidity correctors, enzymes, or yeasts, preserving floral and fruit aromas, without excesses of wood.
•  : 14.5 % Vol.